Various celebrations for Cuban Culture Day

Various celebrations for Cuban Culture Day

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Like every October 20, the entire country celebrates the Day of Cuban Culture, one of the main celebrations of the Caribbean island, in remembrance of the first time the National Anthem was sung. 

The anniversary is traditionally the center of a day that begins on October 10, the date in 1868 when the anti-colonial wars for independence began, led by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, considered the Father of the Nation, and culminate on the 20th.

Composed by lawyer Pedro Figueredo Cisneros (Perucho), later Major General of the Cuban Liberation Army, the song was sung for the first time after the liberation of the eastern city of Bayamo by the pro-independence forces, in their first victory. 

Originally called La Bayamesa, the patriotic musical composition consisted of six stanzas or quatrains of twenty-four verses, two of which today constitute Cuba’s National Anthem. Concerts, exhibitions, colloquia and theoretical events, disc and book presentations, film exhibitions and other actions that cover practically all cultural manifestations have taken place during these days, both virtually and in person, with the necessary biosecurity measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A relevant moment of these days is the Fiesta de la Cubanía, with  headquarters in Bayamo, which on the 17th opened its XXVII edition with the call for “Live your roots”. The celebrations began with a tribute to Francisco Vicente Aguilera (1821-1877) on the occasion of the bicentennial of his birth.

Son of Bayamo, the hero was president of the Revolutionary Committee of the city, Major General, Secretary of War, General in Chief of the Army of the East and Vice President of the Republic of Cuba in Arms.

The varied program of festivities included, among other activities, the contest "A la décima va la vencida", which praises the spinel as a representation of the most authentic Cuban art, and an intergenerational meeting to greet the 35th birthday of the Hermanos Saíz Association that brings together the young artistic avant-garde of the country.

This year, the national day was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of "Words to intellectuals", pronounced by the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, the 120th anniversary of the José Martí National Library of Cuba, the bicentennial of Francisco Vicente Aguilera and 100 years of the birthdate of the outstanding poet and essayist Cintio Vitier.