Well deserved tribute to First Cuban Rum Master

Well deserved tribute to First Cuban Rum Master

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Havana Club and the Cuban Rum Masters movement have just created a new spirit to pay tribute to its leader, the First Master José Pablo Navarro, who passed away just over a year ago.

According to information released by the entity, the masters and candidates for that category met this Thursday in the cellars of the San José rum factory, Mayabeque province, to select, mix and create a spirit as special and unique as Navarro was.  

The new rum will be officially launched next September under the suggestive name of "Don Navarro", the date of the second anniversary of the physical disappearance of whoever was the First Master of Cuban Rum, a title he received in 2000 for his great experience, passion and devotion in favor of perfecting the process of elaboration of that drink.

"Don Navarro" is a smooth, pleasant, very elegant rum, and at the same time, strong and fervent. It will have a limited production of 1,000 bottles each year and will be available in Cuba with exclusive distribution in very select locations.

The First Master of Cuban Rum was the creator of Havana Club 7 years, and also gave rise to rums as complex as those that currently form the Prestige range of Havana Club.