Western Cuba reports satisfactory tobacco season

Western Cuba reports satisfactory tobacco season


Cubaplus Courtesy of Prensa Latina

Authorities of Cuba's tobacco sector on Tuesday reported a satisfactory tobacco campaign in the western province of Pinar del Rio, the most important in the country in the harvesting of that product.

Local newspaper Guerrillero added that the farmers of that area fulfilled the plan of 15,800 hectares of tobacco for the current productive period. They said that they planted 16,189 hectares and planting continues. 

According to the agricultural specialist of the Tabacuba group in Pinar del Rio, Virginio Morales, they have accumulated 85 percent of the harvest plan to date.

He added that a total of 102 selected and 13 micro-harvested with about 3,400 workers are engaged in the processing of the leaf, reaching 2,445 tons. Since the end of December, more than a thousand workers have joined this work.

In the western region of the country, most of the tobacco leaf is harvested to make premium handmade cigars for export, a luxury product demanded in most international markets.