World Cities Day, resilience to climate change

World Cities Day, resilience to climate change

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The adaptation of the cities of the planet to face the challenge of climate change is the warning this year calls for World Cities Day, which is celebrated every October 31.

With the general motto of "Better city, better life", the date has been commemorated since 2014 by resolution of the UN General Assembly, with the aim of promoting cooperation between countries to take advantage of opportunities and face the challenges that imply urban planning, and contribute to sustainable development in this area.

 Recalling how urgent it is to promote these purposes, the international organization's media recalls that until 2009, more people lived in the countryside than in the city, but today, around 55 percent of the world's population lives in towns and cities. , and the level of urbanization is projected to be nearly 70 percent by 2050.

Among the most acute dangers in recent times for humanity, are those derived from the climate, which translate into floods, droughts, heat waves, landslides, storms, rising sea levels ... so the issue of This conference is “Adapting cities for climate resilience”.

In this sense, the United Nations indicates as aspects to face urban poverty, informal settlements, the need for adequate infrastructure, the guarantee of access to basic services for all, among others. The least favored in cities and communities will bear the brunt of climate change, said on the occasion of this World Day the executive director of the UN-Habitat agency, Maimunah Mohd Sharif. 

The official pointed out there are more than one billion people in informal settlements, of which 70 percent are highly vulnerable, underscoring the urgent need for investments in climate resilience and innovative solutions.

At the initiative of UN-Habitat, Urban October is also held annually, to highlight the challenges in this field and promote the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, approved in October 2016 in Quito, Ecuador, during the Habitat Conference III, linked to the Sustainable Development Goal for 2030.

The two moments that mark the day are World Habitat Day, every October 4, which this year had Cameroon as its main headquarters, and that of the cities, whose culmination takes place in the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor, with various Virtual and face-to-face actions, and links to commemorations on other sites, such as Expo Dubai 2020.

Cuba, whose urban population is around 76 percent of the total, was the first country to draw up a National Action Plan for the period 2017-2036, in order to implement the New Agenda adopted in Quito, approved by the Council of Ministers. as a State Plan.

The realization of the VIII National Urban Forum, the launch of the campaign "Transforming the city we love" in the provincial capitals of the country, international workshops, book presentations, conferences and panels are among the activities for this day on the Caribbean island.