World Water Day, an essential resource for life

World Water Day, an essential resource for life

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An essential resource for life, water, is still, however, a dream for 2.2 billion people on the planet, a reality that is remembered this March 22 on the World Day dedicated to that essential liquid. 

Population growth, increasing demand from agriculture and industry, and worsening impacts of climate change, have led to a global water crisis, more sensitive today, amid the covid-19 pandemic.

This year, the conference is dedicated to the significance of water for people, its true value beyond its commercial price, the importance in homes, culture, health, education, the economy and the integrity of the natural environment.

In this area, the coverage of drinking water in Cuba reaches more than 95 percent of the population; 86.5 percent of the urban sector and 42.2 percent of the rural sector with home connection, according to official figures for 2020.

In the past six decades, the number of reservoirs in the country rose from a dozen small dams to more than 240 with a capacity of over nine thousand cubic meters.

The main source of this resource on the island is rain, with an annual average of 1,335 millimeters, considered low, with a tendency to decrease, rising temperatures and more intense droughts, according to various studies that also forecast a rise in sea level that would sharpen the saline intrusion.

Currently, a Hydraulic Development Program is being carried out until 2030, focused on ordering, expanding and sustaining drinking water and sanitation services, managed safely, which includes significant investments.

World Water Day has been celebrated since 1993 by agreement of the United Nations General Assembly, which also declared the period 2018-2028 as the “Water for Sustainable Development” Decade.