CAFE DEL ORIENTE. A Taster's Delight

CAFE DEL ORIENTE. A Taster's Delight

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By: Alfredo H. Valdés Photos: PL

In the heart of Havana's historic centre, blending in with the neoclassie style of its neighbours, there is a beautiful building housing the Cafe’ del Oriente. This gourmet restaurant and bar is one of the most exclusive and luxurious in Havana.

CAFE DEL ORIENTE. A Taster's DelightThis small corner in the Plaza de San Francisco in Old Havana has everything to capture the interest of its visitors. You can see this as soon as you cross the threshold.

Bartenders move swiftly and silently, doing their jobs in an efficient manner. And among them there is a man, elegant and attentive, who was worthy of a surprising title: World Champion of Cocktail Making‘ This is Sergio Serrano Rivero, the winner of many competitions who uses his magic to create special drinks that will suit the occasion — the kind of drink that will leave a pleasant and fresh sensation in your mouth.

This bannan won first place at the 2003 World Cocktail Competition held by the Intemational Bartenders Association in Seville, Spain, He represented Cuba with the pre-dinner cocktail named “Adam and Eve.” The champion shares the recipe for the Adam and Eve with us:

CAFE DEL ORIENTE. A Taster's DelightThe Adam ahd Eve Cocktail

Havana Club 7 Years Old: 30 ml

Green Apple Liquor: 20 ml

Martini Bianco (white vermouth): 20 ml

Campari Bitter: 5 ml

Stir with ice and serve straight up in a

chilled martini glass. (Garnish with two

apple hearts pierced by an arrow and

placed on the rim of the glass.