Choosing Cuba

Choosing Cuba


By Edilberto F. Méndez, Vice President, Prensa Latina

Choosing Cuba with the conviction that it could become a necessary and central source of information was the main reason that CubaPlus magazine came about a decade ago.

At the beginning of this new century, this new publication also had in view to beginVa new chapter in the relationship between Canadian company Taina Communication Ltd. and Prensa Latina, Latin American News Agency.

The existing ties between the two entities were fundamentally linked to non-journalistic issues, so the idea of creating a product began to take shape among its directors.

It was precisely a brainstorming session between Mr. Dominic Soave, director of Taina, and the executives of the news agency that brought about the creation of the publication as well as its name.

The parties shared many interests and that played a key role in shaping the magazine’s content, with Cuba always of course the focal point. Those who made up the magazine’s original nucleus remember the first encounters marked by exchanges of what they envisioned and making it happen.

Some doubted the survival of CubaPlus in the Cuban market, noting how difficult it would be to support such a huge project, yet the opposite occurred. It was created with Prensa Latina’s style and profile, but above all else, was intended to showcase Cuba to the rest of the world.

How was the project going to be made viable from an economic standpoint? That was ––––always the question from those who supported it and the answers, although somewhat empirical, were loaded with ideas allowing the executives to join forces for the development of the current product with international reach.

CubaPlus is published quarterly under the direction of Taina Communication and Prensa Latina’s Editorial Services. Its team is made up of top notch professionals and each edition reflects the authentic Cuba and all of its facets: culture, art, its idiosyncrasies and, above all, the work of a people determined to develop its political, economic and social model in complex conditions. The magazine now also has offshoots with a Spanish supplement called Cubaplus Latina, which is quickly gaining ground.

Without a doubt, throughout these years the effort, dedication, the challenges and many other factors have influenced the execution of this work, but also the joy and happiness of its establishment as per the ideas of its founders.

The commitment is great, but the satisfaction of contributing disseminating what is happening on this beautiful island in the Caribbean and its people is even greater.