Crucero del Sol

Crucero del Sol

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The Marina Gaviota has an exciting offer for tourists: an excursion for enjoying coastal landscapes, including cays, islets and sand banks; seafood lunch and famous cocktails, such as the mojito and daiquirí; and dolphins, which are not at all shy with visitors.

Crucero del SolThis irresistible “seafari” aboard catamarans enables you to come into contact with the warm waters of Cuba, the largest island in the Antilles, where the average annual temperatures is 25° C. With the snorkelling equipment provided, you can get close-up and personal with the coral reefs and fish that make up an important part of the archipelago's natural beauties.

Cheerful, friendly crews and other personnel are key to ensuring that these excursions are pleasant for visitors. Swimming with dolphins is one of the star features of this option, and these sea creatures seem to know it, because they play and dance in the water as if to welcome you and remind you that the seafari holds unforgettable experiences in store—experiences for remembering and for coming back and enjoying again.

Crucero del SolAvailable in Varadero, Cayo Santa María and Holguín Full day

Tahiti 75’ (80 pax capacity)
Tahiti 80’ (100 pax capacity)


  • Transfers hotel - marina - hotel
  • Interaction with dolphins (15 min)
  • Snorkelling along a beautiful coral reef
  • Seaside lunch
  • Beach time
  • Open bar all day long
  • On-board music and entertainment