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Cubanacan Youth Club Fiesta

Cubanacan Youth Club Fiesta

Young lovers of sports, beaches, dancing and all types of dynamic activities now have a new way to fulfill their vibrant cultural, sport and recreation interests at All-Inclusive Cubanacan Club Amigo and Brisas hotels.

Cubanacan Youth Club FiestaCubanacan S.A. hotel chain has added a new set of activit ies especially designed for guests between 18 and 35 which literally turns day into night.

Guests will receive the attention of a team of highly qual ified entertainers, food connoisseurs and other professionals, who will occupy all 24 hours with dances, sports activities, games and shows, making their stay unforgettable.

Cubanacan Youth Club FiestaClub Fiesta has been well thought through to make it special; including that hosts will dress informally and the food will be prepared according to young clients' tastes.

Learning Caribbean dance rhythms l ike Son, salsa and meringue, going swimming, diving and water biking, playing beach volleyball, soccer, badminton and basketball, as well as catamarans rides, hikes and shows are all included in the Club Fiesta program.

Cubanacan Youth Club FiestaNaturally, the stars of Club Fiesta are sun and beach recreation activit ies since Cuba's cl imate allows constant summer enjoyment almost every day of the year.

So, if you are young, or young at heart, and enjoy intense act ivit ies, adventure and the marvellous Caribbean cl imate of Cuba's beaches, don't hesitate, go to your travel agency or direct to Cubanacan. Club Fiesta starts this year at Hotel Club Amigo Carisol, in Parque Baconao, 46 kilometers from Sant iago de Cuba.

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