Guamá, The Precious Lagoon

Guamá, The Precious Lagoon

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By: Roberto Campos / Photos: Publicitur

Established more than 50 years ago and rich in greenery, foliage and nature, the Guamá eco-tourist center lies at the heart of a magical multicolored lagoon.

Guamá, The Precious LagoonThe Laguna del Tesoro (Treasure Lagoon) enchants both Cuban and foreign visitors with its scenic waters and surroundings. The central focus is the Guamá holiday accommodation center.

Situated in the Ciénaga de Zapata swamplands to the south of the western Cuban province of Matanzas, Guamá is according to experts the most extensive wetland in the Caribbean. The lagoon is the largest such freshwater body in Cuba, and the unique Villa de Guamá offers an opportunity to stay and explore its species rich habitat.

Legend has it the lagoon got its name in the 16th century when the Spanish Conquest arrived at the Zapata Peninsula and the terrified indigenous people are said to have thrown their most precious treasures into the lagoon waters.

However, the greatest treasure here is undoubtedly nature itself on the islands that form the tourist resort. Timber built bridges connect wooded paths, and thatch-roofed cabins are surrounded by sculptures representing aboriginal people and their traditional activities.

The so called Taina Village is a must-see here - a group of sculptures depicting indigenous inhabitants engaged in various aspects of their daily life. It is a true work of art by a renowned Cuban sculptress, the late Rita Longa. The artist‘s work adds an extra spark of life to every precious moment of a stay in this enchanted oasis.