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La Güira Park, Where Nature and Culture Converge

By: Text & Photos: Lourdes Pérez
La Güira Park, Where Nature and Culture Converge

Lush vegetation and birds trilling accompany the visitor while walking through La Guuml;ira National Park, which is located in the Sierra de los Oárganos mountain range in Pinar del Río, Cubarsquo;s westernmost province.

La Guuml;ira Park, Where Nature and Culture ConvergeCovering 22,000 hectares, the park features a great diversity of flora and fauna species. You can either find ferns, palm trees, or a large variety of fruit trees such as guava, plum, and mangosteen (edible berries native to the Moluccas Islands).

The park is home to thousands of birds that belong to some 135 species, of which 85 are native to the region. It comprises the area of what was the former Cortina Estate owned by lawyer José Manuel Cortina, who had built a mansion featuring a medieval-style entrance.

La Guuml;ira Park, Where Nature and Culture ConvergeVisitors are captivated by gardens, paths, shelters, benches, and sculptures made of bronze, Carrara marble or other materials, as well as traces of buildings of different styles, mostly influenced by Asian culture.

The River San Diego flows into an artificial lake surrounded by paths and arbors, with bridges crossing over it and a jetty that years ago welcomed small vessels.

La Guuml;ira Park is a beautiful place where nature and culture converge

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