Special, Modern, Attractive

Special, Modern, Attractive

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By: Lucía Arboláez, Photos: Jorge Pérez

Recently opened in December of last year, ‘El Litoral’ restaurant attracts a huge clientèle thanks to the attractiveness of its cuisine: current, seasonal, simple, and based on products of the finest quality.

Special, Modern, AttractiveFacing Havana´s popular seaside boardwalk (el Malecón), sitting in El Litoral one can also enjoy the scenery of the coast, the inspiration for its name.

At street level, the establishment receives its clients at its snack bar and a spacious dining room where they can have their favorite drink at the well-furnished bar, as well as a variety of different coffees.

In charge of the menu is the restaurant´s Chef, Alain Rivas, who is specialized in haute cuisine and offers a vast selection of attractive and healthy dishes, sure to please all diners.

In a smaller air-conditioned area of the restaurant is exhibited a spread of cold foods, including different hams, cheeses, salads, sauces, marinades and sushi and which await the visitor who, independent of the menu, wishes to enjoy some of these selections.

El Litoral also has a children´s menu, with various pasta and meat dishes, among others. A wine cellar also stands out, which although small, carries many internationally known wines.

Special, Modern, AttractiveEl Litoral can hold about 100 diners, who can always count on an excellent service.

Litoral Cocktail

Bartender Román García Fraga, young like most of the restaurant´s personnel, shares with Cubaplus the ingredients of this drink, emblematic of the establishment and which bears its name. The drink contains grapefruit juice, Havana Club Triple C rum, distilled orange rind and curacao blue.

Served in a medium-sized cocktail glass, the rim is dipped in salt, all ingredients are then mixed and the glass is then decorated with curls of lemon or orange rind, a wonderful blend for a very tasty and refreshing drink.

The establishment opens its doors from noon to midnight, from Monday to Sunday.

can also be made by calling (53 7) 830 2201 and (53 5)344 6191