The Hidden Salton

The Hidden Salton

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Encouraged by stories of other travelers, many vacationers come to this isolated area of Cuba to enjoy of the natural wonders of one of the best preserved locations in Sierra Maestra. It is a perfect place for those seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Hidden SaltonSet in the heart of the Sierra Maestra Mountains, in the eastern region of Cuba, “The Salton is a very appropriate place for rest and recreation”, says Carlos Rosales, once a local farmer who now runs this small 25-room hotel which was opened in 1991 overlooking a waterfall.

Considered by many to be a hidden gem, its unique beauty is created by the waterfall and the lake below in which many guests find refuge from the heat as they swim in the clear waters. Locals and their families tend to spend their free days swimming around the waterfall as well as, joining the tourists and sharing moments that often include a pig roast over a charcoal fire.

The Hidden SaltonOperated by the Cubanacán hotel group, The Salton welcomes tourists from countries all around the world including Canada, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Italy, who are looking for a peaceful location surrounded by preserved and natural beauty. Some 3000 visitors arrive to this small hotel per year, mostly between November to April. However, recent reports indicate an increased number of visitors during the hot months of July and August.

Nature walks through farms and other surrounding areas are available by hotel guides with explanations about local birds, wildlife and the area's history. Some of the trails were originally opened by the coming and going of local peasants traveling to work andone of these such paths actually covers a steep area around the mountains. Even though the trail is only 1.5 kilometers long, the walk can take around two hours to complete.

The Salton can be reached from either the towns of Maffo or Cruce de los Baños, or via the road from Contramaestre. It is certainly a place that is sure to make anyone's vacation to Cuba an even more memorable experience.