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The Sea Urchin Fountain, uniquely beautiful

By: Luisa Hermosillo, Photos: José (Tito) Meriño
The Sea Urchin Fountain, uniquely beautiful

Unlike other Cuban cities, the fountains in Havana have an eminently ornamental mission, that is, to adorn parks and squares with their uniquely beautiful statues and jets. Made generally with materials resistant to atmospheric changes and harsh weather, it’s common to find them in metal or cast in concrete.

The design can range from artistic and sculptural to the simplest form. They are unique creations, in many cases with a celebrated history. Some even have a lighting system that magnifies their splendor at night, turning these sites into great shows to be enjoyed and contemplated in harmony.

The Sea Urchin Fountain, uniquely beautiful

Of the 80 fountains in the capital, 20 belong to the Office of the City Historian. The Sea Urchin Fountain, located in Marianao municipality, is one of the most attractive because of its shape, which is very similar to the marine animal in terms of the spikes that emerge from the central structure... in the case of the fountain, the tubes through which the water flows.

Located in the vicinity of Ciudad Libertad, the National Academy of Fine Arts and the Carlos J. Finlay Military and Maternidad Obrera hospitals, among other institutions of high significance in the Cuban capital, the Sea Urchin Fountain is a special attraction for passersby, visitors and tourists when in the busy area.

As part of the safeguarding actions undertaken in 2019, on the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Villa de San Cristóbal de La Habana, it was completely restored and today it exhibits a beautiful rainbow when the sun hits the water at just the right moment.

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