Cuba, a Preferred Tourist Destination

Cuba, a Preferred Tourist Destination



Cuba is a preferred destination among tourists, especially for Europeans and Canadians, who find the Caribbean archipelago to be an ideal place for vacationing. Cuba´s climate, spectacular beaches, nature and mostly its safety and peacefulness compare to none.

Cuba, a Preferred Tourist Destination

It is for this reason that the number of visitors grows every year, in 2013 reaching just over 2.8 million, 0.5% greater than the previous year. Sun and beach vacations are very popular among the majority of the visitors, a favourite being Varadero Resort due to its crystalline waters, thin white sand and sunshine 12 months a year.

In accordance with official statistics, in the first quarter of 2014 Varadero registered an index of 62% of returning visitors. A large number of tourists come back to Varadero at least twice, while some have come on more than seven occasions according to Ibis Fernández Punish, delegate of the Department of Tourism (MINTUR), in the province of Matanzas.

Visitors from Canada continue to be the largest group that is referred to here, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Argentina, Italy, Mexico and Spain. One of our colleagues, Laritza Lora, shared with us some testimonies of Canadian tourists who have visited Cuba.

Among them, a testimonial by three returning visitors: The first time I stayed at Villa Cuba was probably in 1974 or 1975. The hotel’s public relations person invited us to look at the property and welcomed us to stay there on our next visit. On our next trip we booked at Villa Cuba and never looked back. Although the beaches are the best in the world it was the personnel at the hotel that made us feel welcome and made Villa Cuba our home away from home.

We are 3 people who travell together: My sister Patri ,our best friend Loweena and myself. The three of us share of love of Cuba, its people and Villa Cuba.

Cuba, a Preferred Tourist Destination

We have had the fortune of visiting many hotels in Varadero (Gran Caribe chain ) and there is a good spot for everyone, depending on the type of tourist and what they are looking for. For example, for young people who love to get out Arenas BLancas/Solymar is a favourite. For those who just want to relax and enjoy the climate and hotel Villa Cuba or Club Kawama are good choices. Gran Caribe has something for everyone!

Our favourite time of year for travelling to Cuba is in April. It is just the right temperature in the day and the breezes in the evening are perfect.

If I had to pick 3 things about Villa Cuba that make us come back:

1. All of the employees, without exception, are welcoming and so cheerful. 2. The hotel compound in itself has something for everyone. 3. The gardens, clean and full of colourful surprises and scents.