Cuba’s Beaches

Cuba’s Beaches


By: Luz Marina Fornieles / Photos by PUBLICITUR.

Sandy white, gray and golden beaches stand out against the turquoise blue sea; calm waters near a mountain top hide the inner beauty of its seabed. The Island’s shores, some in the Caribbean, others in the Atlantic, are a temptation to peacefully enjoy the soft, magical waves.

Cuba’s BeachesThe keys that surround the Island are a captivating attraction. Their quasi-virgin state, with endemic flora and fauna is comparable to that of the lands discovered by the Great Admiral more than five centuries ago.

To wake up, go to the window and look out at the unique, tropical blue sea....there is no better therapy, no better dawn. In Cuba this is an everyday experience, and tourists can experience this not only by staying at beach resorts, but also at the most luxurious hotel in town, or in a relaxing and cozy mountain lodge. The sea is a living presence and on the few occasions that you cannot see it, you can smell it, feel it.

Depending on one’s tastes and preferences, one can travel from busy tourist resorts to more off-the-beaten-track areas. Pleasant trips are available on yachts or catamarans, there is deep-sea fishing, surfing or kite-surfing, or you can start off with snorkeling and then arm yourself with scuba gear to venture among the tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs in one of the most extraordinary, best preserved underwater landscapes in the world.

Cuba, the largest Caribbean island, has more than 300 natural beaches renowned for their high standard of cleanliness and remarkable degree of conservation. Its climate is privileged given its geographical location and purifying winds, and its warm water temperatures range from 24ºC to 29ºC . Cuba has an average of 330 sunny days yearly and very little cloudiness.

Cuba’s BeachesAs a general feature, Cuban beaches have unparallelled transparency, and especially on the northern coast, they are protected by coral formations that bring several advantages such as uncomparable diving sessions and the safe practice of various water sports.

In addition to other attractive features, the beach resorts and hotels in Cuba (many of them offering all-inclusive packages) offer guaranteed safety thanks to the renowned stability prevailing in the country.

In the main tourist destinations, including the keys, there are international airports and the hotels are connected with various facilities (rental of vehicles, marinas, diving centers, shopping, beauty and quality of life pacjkages, etc.), as well as daytime and evening entertainment programs, excursions to nearby cities, medical services and special packages for families and honeymooners.

Cuba’s BeachesCuban beaches are known for their charm and their names have gained worldwide prestige among tourists: Varadero, Guardalavaca, Esmeralda, Santa Maria del Mar, Jibacoa, Covarrubias, St. Lucia or Ancon, as well as the Keys: Largo, Coco, Guillermo, Santa Maria, Ensenachos, Las Brujas, Saetía, Jutías and Levisa.

In addition there are still some anonymous or little known pristine beaches that are not the exception but rather the fortunate rule. Large or small, located either on the Guanahacabibes peninsula (a biosphere reserve), the central coastline or in the peaceful village of Baracoa in the easternmost tip of the Island, one can fully enjoy vacations safely.

Cuba is a country of beaches, a land of enchantment, of hospitality, surrounded by thousands of square kilometers of sea. There is room for everything and everyone in this turquoise universe.

And wherever you are in Cuba, you’re never far from lush green ecological areas and cities that breathe Cuba’s culture and daily life.