Cuba´s Eternal Summer

Cuba´s Eternal Summer


Cuba’s heavenly tropical location and near-eternal summer temperatures go a long way to explaining why millions flock to enjoy its beautiful beaches.

Cuba´s Eternal SummerDuring a summer that extends from June to September average temperatures surpass 30ºC. In winter - December through March - they average 25ºC.

Statistics do reveal however that there are times and places where winter has made islanders shiver, mainly in the interior of the country. This does not deter foreign tourists from all around the globe who throng in their millions to relish this Caribbean isle’s envious climate.

Cuba has been keeping hightemperature records for several decades now and 2017 was the twelfth hottest year since 1951, with an average temperature across the year that was 0.53ºC higher than the historic average of 25.49ºC.

The most recent surveillance bulletin published by the Cuban Meteorology Institute’s Weather Forecast Center reveals that last year was characterized by warm alterations, primarily in January and February and between June and September. Temperatures were at their highest in June, July and August, averaging over 28 degrees, with some particularly hot summer days.

The hottest of the last sixty five years was 2015 with temperatures 1.06º above the overall annual average. The second hottest was 1998.

On April 17, 1999 temperatures soared to 38.8ºC in the eastern Granma province town of Jucarito, making it the hottest day in Cuba since records began.