A friend by the sea

A friend by the sea


By Roberto F. Campos, Photos by Cubanacan S.A.

Picture waves accompanying your most demanding dreams while you gaze at a mixed city and sea landscape, and you'll get the idea of some of the elements characterizing one of the most interesting hotels in the Cuban capital: the Copacabana.

A friend by the sea

With a name that calls to mind Brazilian exoticism and musicality, nowadays this remodelled place of rest also has both colour and spirit.

A hotel with a view One of the most renowned and better positioned hotels facing the sea in Havana, the Copacabana's first stage of renovation opened February 2009 with 44 rooms already fully equipped with most recreational and cuisine related services.

This three star facility, inaugurated in 1955, is in great demand for its privileged location, its diving centre and other leisure activities.

Run by the Cubanacan group, the renovation of the hotel's central and lateral rooms will be finished later this year, as will the remaining areas.

A friend by the sea

The manager of the hotel, Sonia Lassale, spoke enthusiastically about the recent repairs, as the last were done in 1992. The hotel will now provide a cyber cafe, a money exchange office, rent-a-car, tourism bureau, cigars, souvenir and rum stores, parking, tennis and ball courts, pool and a diving centre.

Located in the upscale area of Miramar (Ave. 1ra e/ 44 & 46), among its most relevant features are good food offerings at restaurants and bars like the Tucán Buffet, Snack Bar, D´Porto Pizzería and the Lobby Bar, these last two open 24 hours.

The reopening will make a stay more cost efficient, with complementary welcome cocktails for VIP clients and groups, free use of courts and gym and free tickets for children under 12 to the nearby National Aquarium. One of its most special characteristics is the natural ocean pool. It is a 49 x 12 metre area of the ocean with pool-like walls, but with natural ocean bottom and water.

In addition, the International Diving Centre sponsored by Cuba's Marlin Marinas will provide courses and validation certificates approved worldwide.