Gran Caribe, new product lines

Gran Caribe, new product lines


Gran Caribe is a tourism business group that is constantly improving its efficiency and effectiveness, both financial and operational, with an eye to increased customer satisfaction. The group offers a variety of products with their own brands and associated trademarks, provided by competent workers in top quality facilities, taking into account environmental protection and the preservation and promotion of Cuba's historic and cultural heritage.

Gran Caribe, new product linesIts purpose is to present customers to its products and services, which are greatly influenced by history, culture, Cubanía— what it means to be Cuban—and romantic traditions and settings. The Gran Caribe product also includes offers on the front line of beautiful, warm natural beaches and virgin cays, in close contact with nature, making it possible to satisfy the most diverse interests of its customers.

The Gran Caribe Hotel Group holds to a proven customer- oriented marketing philosophy, keeping product innovation alive, along with the continuing improvement of its services. At the center of its development strategy is positioning the Gran Caribe Hotel Group in different markets with products that are distinguished by an excellent quality/price ratio. For this purpose, it has set out to consolidate its brand, along with new product lines, distinguishing them from competition on the international market by promoting human, historic, cultural and patrimonial values, and guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers.

Gran Caribe, new product linesCLÁSICO line: This classic product line is one of the strengths of the Gran Caribe Hotel Group. It is represented by four-star hotels, where the spirit of the past endures. Located in cities, these are elegant and traditional hotels, real jewels of unique and diverse architecture, including eclectic and modern styles of the 1950s. They are distinguished by their Cuban hallmark and the universality that only the classics have to offer, where interiors and exteriors merge in perfect harmony with the landscape of their settings, constituting a contemporary reaffirmation of our unique national identity.

CLUB PREMIUM line: This premium product line includes four-star hotels that are located on beaches or cays, and that operate under the All-Inclusive category. The standarization of the offer ensures that customers will feel equally served in any of our facilities, and makes it possible to provide the right quality/price ratio, indispensable for complete satisfaction.

Gran Caribe, new product linesHOLA CLUB line: This product line includes three-star hotels where the natural resource par excellence is the beach, in a setting of natural splendor. Its mode of services is somewhat more informal than the other product lines, because customer needs vary depending on the type of visit that they are making, but without lacking in the elegance and quality that distinguishes the Gran Caribe tourism product.

ENCANTO line: This product line's hotels stand out for being unique, refined, and adaptable to every customer, with a combination of a wide range of complementary services. The tasteful décor, with an emphasis on the Cuban quality, constitutes an element of significant importance, given that this line's elegance is based on a mixture of ancient and contemporary designs, without depriving customers of comfort, convenience, and access to the latest technology.