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Havana a Wonderful City

By: Roberto F. Campos, Photos by: Publicitur
Havana a Wonderful City

With Havana being selected as one of the seven greatest cities in the world (as part of the New7Wonders initiative), the Cuban capital not only acquired an award, but a new responsibility. Those who simply considered it as a geographical reference may now be planning a trip to this town to get to know it in depth.

Many criticize the selection of this city by only looking at its challenges, regardless of culture. Havanás unique shine and movement distinguish it, bringing back visitors year after year.

Havana a Wonderful CityAlong with Beirut (Lebanon), Doha (Qatar), Durban (South Africa), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), La Paz (Bolivia) and Vigan (Philippines), Havana has conquered hearts all over the world. Many cities with better infrastructures and greater economic possibilities do not possess the charm and diversity of a city that many prefer because of its character. This distinction is very motivating for the Cubás tourism industry.

This poll, conducted by a Swiss Foundation, has a history of particular impact from both an economic and touristic point of view. To this effect, the N7W Foundation director, British Jean-Paul de la Fuente, who visited the city from November 24 to 27, was very much in favour of the award (it was the President-Founder Bernard Weber who announced the selection of the 7 most beautiful cities). During a meeting with the Press, De la Fuente said that many people in the world love Havana. He pointed out that this is the third contest organized by the New 7 Wonders Foundation (established in 1999 in Switzerland), with the preceding 7 wonders of the modern world, the 7 wonders of nature and now the 7 most wonderful cities.

Havana a Wonderful CityDe la Fuente stated that they accumulated 600 million votes in the first two polls and explained that the concept is simple for them: marvel is simply what people think, hence the result comes from a global vote. On December 7, 2014 the results were announced, and for Cuba this is a calling for its citizens to look at their capital through new eyes, to care for it and preserve it better. The Swiss Foundation New 7 Wonders implemented an online voting system in 2007. The current voting process began in 2011 with more than 1,200 nominations across approximately 220 countries.

The British representative is convinced of the contestás importance. He said that as a result some selected cities even had to build another airport due to the increased number of travellers coming to the area to get to know it. He also stated that the most important metropolises of the world are not on the list, for example New York or Tokyo, because people recognize the values of other places, their culture and potential. Havana has ratified its shine and promising future, which must be zealously protected, particularly by its inhabitants.

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