Hotel Palco, 15 years of Exceptional Management

Hotel Palco, 15 years of Exceptional Management


Since its very creation, designed to welcome people coming to Havana to attend the different conferences, meetings and seminars held at the Havana Palace of Conventions, Hotel Palco is an excellent choice for the quality of its facilities, as well as the professionalism and customer service of its employees.

Hotel Palco, 15 years of Exceptional ManagementIn an interview with Cubaplus, Palco's General Manager, Fernando Álvarez, said the hotel has the essential purpose of providing services to national and international events, together with assisting the corporate sector based in Cuba.

At first, 50% of the hotel's occupancy was taken by the corporate sector and many clients even took up permanent residences at the resort. Since early 2000 this situation changed and several firms have since established themselves in ground floor offices.

Hotel Palco, 15 years of Exceptional ManagementAlvarez added that there has been a great deal of work performed in regards to the marketing and hosting of events organized by the hotel in coordination with state institutions, embassies and foreign firms that hold meetings, courses and conferences, among others.

To be able to accomplish this, Palco has 3 rooms with a 100 person capacity each and a conference room with translation and interpretation services as well as food services.

Palco Hotel has 172 rooms in total including 12 junior suites with central air conditioning, cable TV and Internet service, a 24/7 lobby bar, and a barbecue buffet restaurant which also offers catering services at the pool.

Hotel Palco, 15 years of Exceptional ManagementA business centre, a shopping arcade and the piano bar which offers shows every Saturday night complete the list of available amenities.

According to Álvarez, Palco is a very appropriate place for those who need time to unwind and rest after busy working days in conferences and events, offering an excellent balance of productivity enhancing elements and relaxation.

In the foreseeable future Alvarez wants to get into other markets, such as tourism and leisure, especially in July, August and during the end of the year, when there are fewer major events scheduled.