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Hotel Velasco

By: Tomás Granados, Photos by José Meriño
Hotel Velasco

While its facade may lack great architectural appeal, the sober elegance of the Hotel Velasco has been maintained since it was built in 1902 by a wealthy family in the western city of Matanzas. Hotel Velasco is an ideal place for travelers heading to or from the famous Cuban beach resort, Varadero, located some 19 miles away.

Hotel VelascoAfter a complete overhaul to update the facility to meet the demands of modern tourism, Hotel Velasco, preserving the name of its original owners, welcomes visitors from across the former Arms Square, which residents of Matanzas rechristened Plaza Libertad (Freedom Square) at the end of the Spanish colonial era.

The small (only 17 rooms) hotel offers a friendly atmosphere with a distinctive and personal touch in the busy historic center, dominated by relics of 19th Century Cuban architecture, including Sauto Theatre, the old City Hall and the Church of San Pedro de Versailles.

Hotel VelascoThe hotelrsquo;s restaurant seats 58 and resembles the central courtyards of other Matanzas buildings, although it has singularly high ceilings and a large skylight.

A distinctive feature at the centennial anniversary of the Velasco Hotel, run by the Cubanacan Group, was to reopen with the category Encanto (charm), bestowed only on old, small hotel facilities with cultural prominence, capable of providing topnotch service for travelers, and located near historic sites. The Velasco is one of the 10 hotels in Cuba with that category.

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