Maisí Draws Tourists to Cuba’s Far East

Maisí Draws Tourists to Cuba’s Far East


By Yadira Cruz, Photos: PUBLICITUR and (Norlys)

Maisí, Cuba´s easternmost municipality in the province of Guantanamo, is a region renowned for its captivating beauty, where tradition, history and nature come together to offer visitors something special and unique.

Maisí Draws Tourists to Cuba’s Far East

Last October, this natural balance and the everyday life of residents were shattered by the passing of Hurricane Matthew and the consequent trail of destruction seemingly impossible to recover from over a short period of time. Only a short five months later, the region has become a new eastern Cuban tourist attraction, thanks to the heroic efforts of its residents, their government and the solidarity of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Two fine hotels operated by Cuba´s Islazul hotel group and the area’s charming features now offer visitors keen to establish direct contact with nature and interact with the rural population, an appealing option.

In just 35 days, the three-star Faro de Maisí Hotel was constructed on the site formerly occupied by the La Asunción Hotel, ruined by the hurricane.

With 20 rooms, including two suites, the hotel offers a fine menu and areas like the spacious bar-terrace to relax and unwind.

The Punta de Maisí resort, located in an area of same name, was erected with Venezuelan aid on a site devastated by Matthew in only 20 days. A restaurant, a bar, ten rooms and a swimming pool can be enjoyed by guests at the hotel, particularly appealing because of its proximity to the famous Maisí Lighthouse.

Local highlights include the beautiful Pozo Azul, a cavern with crystal clear waters and a pristine environment some 12 kilometers from the resort, the La Patana Cave and the lighthouse itself, a comforting and protective signal to all Caribbean seafarers.

Maisí Draws Tourists to Cuba’s Far East

The huge horseshoe-shaped marine terraces that run from Baracoa Bay to the Punta de Maisí are especially beautiful and ideal for diving.

An abundance of endemic flora and fauna make Maisí ideal for eco-tourism and traditional culinary dishes, juices and wines made from local fruits typical are not to be missed.

Since both hotels opened at the beginning of the year, tourists from Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the United States have experienced the beauty of this eastern Cuban region and have particularly enjoyed getting to know its hospitable local population.