The Polynesian, A Special Touch

The Polynesian, A Special Touch


By: Lucía Arboláez

El Polinesio is a cozy restaurant found in the Habana Libre Tryp, one of the best situated hotels in downtown Havana's cosmopolitan La Rampa Avenue that extends up hill from the Malecon (the Havana seawall).

It is a favorite among business people and tourists, not only for the qual ity of the food, but also for two of its most important qualities: the peace and tranquility and the qual ity service provided by the staff.

The Polynesian, A Special TouchThe management has preserved the charming décor of the 1940's: a huge fireplace, a profusion of adornments of bamboo, statues and large seashells, as well as the precious woods in the wall paneling and furnishings.

The menu has multiple delicious entrees including Polinesio spring rolls stuffed with vegetables and pork; filet of red snapper Niue, and Micronesian style roast pork. The Kiribati coconut tart is one example of the desserts reminiscent of those from the South Pacific.

Those regulars in the know usually choose the house specialty: Takelan cheese balls in sweet and sour sauce, barbecued chicken and fried rice, with the Tahitian Ice Cream Canoe for dessert.

Drinks are special as well, and the barman might recommend Turquino, a cocktail combining rum and citrus juices, although he might also suggest the Escorpión (Scorpion) or the Quibú.

The five-star Habana Libre Hotel also offers guests and visitors the El Barracón and Caribe restaurants as well as bars and coffeehouses, and even a mall within its 75,213 square meters.