La Redonda Lagoon: Nature and Fishing

La Redonda Lagoon: Nature and Fishing


Nature tourism in Cuba grows every year, in infrastructure as well as in the number of travellers interested in having an active vacation. In this case, La Redonda Lagoon gives off a kind of magic that many people appreciate.

La Redonda Lagoon: Nature and Fishing

La Redonda is found eight kilometers from the north of the city Morón on the road leading to Turiguanó Island, in the centre of the Ciego de Ávila province. It has an area of approximately five square kilometers, with an extensive presence of trout, the majority of the population of these fresh water fish in Cuba being found here.

This place is ideal for fishing tourism and an International centre for this sport is found here which allows its fans to have an adventurous and unbeatable vacation.

Also, from its central quay one can participate in an excursion by speedboat through the its reflection of the water and its network of foliage and channels that are found in its surroundings.

In August 2012, the place was chosen by the Sustainability Project group which works in the archipelago of Sabana-Camagüey, as a tour product of the strengthening of sustainable nature tourism in the region.

This working group is cofunded by the Global Environment Facility and the United Nations Development Program.

La Redonda Lagoon: Nature and Fishing

The Lagoon relies on the vegetation of swamps and diverse channels which nourish it (one can also find the Milk Lagoon a few kilometers away) and it is separated from the sea by a narrow strip of land. La Redonda is the favorite place for mouth bass fishermen, some of which even managed to trap a piece that weighed seven kilos. In the lagoon, visitors have also caught more than 1,500 sea bass which preserves the balance of the species.

The rich fauna of the place includes white mullets, manatees, turtles, crocodiles, European eels and the Cuban fish – “biajacas criollas”, among other species.

The Lagoon is classified as a lagoon as it connected to the sea with a volume of around 100 million cubic meters.

Fishing, yachting and excursions characterize the place in moments when the Ministry of Cuban Tourism favors the diversification of its offers in terms of modalities like nature and adventures, without abandoning the classical sun and seaside trips.