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Sea Adventure

Sea Adventure

Not far from Havana, Cuba offers those who love the sea the opportunity to experience adventure in the warm and crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea at Cienfuegos' Marling Marina, where your sea dreams can come true.

Sea Adventure Modern vessels mdash;catamarans and monohullsmdash; with sophisticated navigation equipment meeting international security regulations integrate the ALBORAN-BLUESAIL fleet. Each of the vessels has four comfortable cabins and at least two bathrooms with all the comforts needed for life aboard ship.

The vessels can be rented with or without a captain, although the agency recommends using the services of professionally trained captains, whose extensive knowledge of the area's navigation can assure that clients enjoy the best of the journey's attractions.

Departures are daily and there is the option of staying aboard overnight. The minimum renting term is three days and the necessary provisions should be arranged in advance. An added attraction for fishermen is the option to consume the fish they have landed during the trip.

Sea Adventure The navigation area covers the island's entire southern coast with two routes recommended: westward and eastward. In both cases travelers can get to know some of the keys and islets of the Cuban archipelago, most uninhabited and with many endemic fauna.

Besides fishing, the virgin beaches and clear and shallow waters, populated with thousands of fish and other sea species, will call you to snorkel and dive in magnificent coral reefs.

Cienfuegos is nature's gift to lovers of the sea. Its warm climate, constant breeze and great beauty, together with the facilities of the nautical sports base, provide the possibility of becoming a sailor, just like those who sailed the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean centuries ago to "discover the New World".

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