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Segundo Frente Nature and wellness

By: Mercy Ramos, Photos: José Meriño y Publicitur
Segundo Frente Nature and wellness

To spend a vacation surrounded by unrivalled natural landscapes far from the noise and stress of the city is a privilege modern holidaymakers seek out. The aim is to disconnect completely when they take a break.

Segundo Frente Nature and wellness

Nestled in the foothills of Mount Micara in the Sierra Cristal mountain range lies a new hotel that offers its visitors precisely that. These peaks and valleys in the province of Santiago de Cuba were the site of the Cuban revolutionary struggle’s second front, hence the name of the hotel and the nearby town: Segundo Frente.

The fifty-eight kilometre journey to the hotel from the city of Santiago de Cuba is entrancing in itself, winding through lush mountain terrain that begs to be explored on meandering cross-country rambles.

And indeed, one of this four-star hotel’s main attractions is that it offers guided excursions both on foot and on horseback, giving guests the chance to enjoy a day out contemplating abundant, near-virgin natural landscapes and discovering the rich history of an area that was the scene of numerous battles in the fight for the island’s definitive independence.

Laid out like a rustic forest settlement, the collection of cabins that makes up the lodge looks nothing like a big urban hotel but its fiftyone well-appointed, air-conditioned rooms lack none of the comforts.

Segundo Frente Nature and wellness

Each room has a balcony overlooking magnificent woodland scenery and the hotel’s infinity pool feels as if it’s buried in the forest.

Visitors find it hard to believe this haven of peace in the hills is located so close to the city.

A snack bar, lobby bar, night club, wine cellar, games room, well-equipped gym and massage service complete the hotel’s ample range of services.

Since its opening only three months ago guests have been so satisfied with their stays at the hotel that the management now say they &welcome clients and bid farewell to friends."

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