Festival of New Latin American Cinema Aims at Animated Cartoons

Festival of New Latin American Cinema Aims at Animated Cartoons

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Prensa Latina service

Latin America has an important history and tradition in the production of animated films, Cuban researcher and critic Mario Masvidal, a member of the jury of the specialty at the 39th Festival of New Latin American Cinema, told Prensa Latina.

The Coral Prize of the category is disputed by 16 movies, which will also be evaluated by Mexico’s César Cepeda and Argentina’s Carlos Polledri, as president, also in charge of choosing the best poster.

“I have not seen all works in competition, but I strongly believe that the thematic level is native, shows the concerns, problems and other local issues that are also universal,” said the specialist when referring to the quality of the proposals of the event, which began today and will run until December 17.

He highlighted the use of new technologies and thematic variety among the striking elements of the films. There is, he said, an important presence of the use of 3D, linked of course to techniques such as 2D, stop motion, and others, which show an integration in which old and new ways of doing things come together.

"These are very interesting aspects, because in any case all films go through computing, and as a result they enrich and make the production processes more dynamic," said Masvidal, Professor of Semiotics, Communication Theory and Discourse Analysis in several Cuban universities.

All this, he said, gives a different flavor to the proposals and of course to the work of the members of the jury because it proposes discussion of various production techniques.

"For example, regarding motion capture, a movement technique that is then used in 3D modeling, the debate focuses on whether it is considered animation or not, as well as other techniques, which enrich films and lead to debate,” he said.

Speaking of the tendency of Latin American animated films to focus on big production centers, he pointed out that all positive aspects should be seized in order to consolidate productions in the region, "appropriating new technologies and new approaches to improve our animated movies,” he added.

A total of 404 movies from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, the United States, Spain, France, Germany and Great Britain will be screened during the 39th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema.